Smartelligent semantics

Empower your data with semantic analysis. Integrate new features of customer feedback analysis with the Dictanova API.
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A new dimension for your software

Reach a new dimension by integrating the Dictanova technology : semantic analysis of customer feedback. Offer turnkey insights to your users with our features of term extraction, opinion mining and text classification.

Value all the collected data

Integrate all the metadata which have value for you and suggest relevant insights to your users.

Benefit from our cutting-edge technology

Capitalize on the Dictanova research and development investments in Natural Language Processing, Big Data and Machine Learning.

From text to actionable insights

Dictanova extracts meaning from unstructured customer feedback and transforms it into relevant insights to display in your software.


 Empower your software with the Dictanova semantic engine in only 10 lines of code

Take advantage of semantic analysis features and concentrate on the heart of your software. Integration and implementation are made quick and easy with a SDK in your programming language.

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Augmented Search

Explore unstructured data  with semantic filters and metadata.

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Opinion Enrichment

Detect the most discussed subjects and extract opinions in each customer feedback.

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Consolidate your data to ease graphical reporting for any time frame.

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Smart Insights

Detect unusual behavior within your data to highlight significant changes and evolutions.

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Automaticly classify customer feedback according to the concerns of your users and their business sector.

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Set up a personalized classification of customer feedback according to your own criteria, in a dedicated interface.

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